Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, I'm Finding More Ancestors!

Man, oh man, I am finding more and more of those elusive ancestors! I've been going through old English census returns over at and finding an extra brother or sister for several of the families I am always trying to complete (they're never completed are they?) and I've been able to extend several branches of my lines a little further into the past, as well as bring some forward. Combining census records with the great info over at really helps to flesh out a family. Of course more work is needed to be done. Birth, marriage and death certificates need to be consulted.

Maybe I can find that missing will of my 4x-great-grandfather that is proving to be so elusive. Does anyone know more about land transfers in North Yorkshire in the early-to-mid-1800s? The son of my 4x-g-grandfather inherited the family farm, lived there all his life (raising 12 children -- 9 sons!) working about 100 acres and then passed the land on to his son (today the old farm house is a bed-and-breakfast -- I've just gotta visit there some day!).

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