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Royal Vilas Family Ogdensburgh, New York

This family bible concerns the immediate family of Royal Cooper Vilas. The earliest hand written date in this bible is December 12, 1878. The family names are Royal Cooper Vilas and Carrie Augusta Ward - Dec. 12th 1878 at Newburgh, NY. Their children listed as:

Royal Cooper Vilas Jr. born August 21st 1879 died 1932
Elsie Vilas born October 17th 1880
Ward Ashman Vilas born January 22nd 1882
Eleanor Vilas born January 14th 1884

There is also some indication that Royal Vilas had been previously married, in 1864 to Mary Emma Cornell (born 1845, died 1873) but I don't see any children from this first marriage.

Reviewing some information from the Internet, it appears that Royal Cooper Vilas is the son of Royal Vilas (3 April 1804 at Alstead, Cheshire, New Hampshire - died 1874) and Mary Ashmun (1808-1886).

The children of Royal Vilas & Mary Ashrum are given as:
1. Russell Ashman Vilas Born: 12 OCT 1833 Ogdensburg, St Lawrence, New York (married Frances Alma Maine 15 FEB 1860 Madison, Dane, Wisconsin) Died: 1884
2. George Hooker Vilas Born: c1835
3. Royal Cooper Vilas Born: 1842 Died: 1903
4. Louis William Vilas Born: 1844
5. Henry Chapman Vilas Born: 1846
6. Vilas, Francis Upson Born: 1848 Died: 1874
7. Vilas, Anna

Vilas Names At Ogdensburgh Cemetery

Vilas (See also: Barnes, Matheson, Richards, Willard, Witherhead)
George Byron Vilas, 1868-1944 (Section 2)
Phebe Curtis Vilas, wife, 1866-1953 (Section 2)
Curtis Nathaniel Vilas, son of G.B. & P. C. Vilas, 1894-1976 (Section 2)

Erastus Vilas, b. Oct 13, 1824 - d. March 27, 1907 (Section 20)
Emma Lake, wife of Erastus Vilas, b. June 28, 1832 - d. June 21, 1883 (Section 20)
Sarah P. Ballard, wife of Erastus Vilas, 1831-1902 (Section 20)
Calvin E. Vilas, b. Nov 4, 1856 - d. May 24, 1931 (Section 20)
Spencer Erastus, son of Calvin E. & Jennie L. Vilas, Oct 12, 1883 - May 3, 1891 (Section 20)

Cortes Vilas, Father, 1827-1900 (Section 27)
Cortes Vilas, d. April 1, 1850 Aged 50 yrs (Section 27)
Paulina Wheeler, wife of Cortes Vilas, b. Feb 25, 1806 - d. May 28, 1888 (Section 27)
Paulina M., dau of Cortes & Paulina Vilas, Feb 21, 1835 - Feb 17, 1868 (Section 27)
Jane L. Vilas, wife of L. D. Dean, Feb 25, 1837 - Nov 23, 1858 (Section 27)
Charlotte Vilas, 1831-1910 (Section 27)
Louisa Vilas, wife of Erastus Vilas, died Aug 28, 1831 Aged 35 yrs, 2 mos, 25 dys (Section 27)

Vilas Monument (Toppled over)
***en M., daughter of ... Vilas, died ...1856, 20 yrs (Section 29)

Margaret Louise, dau of Royal Vilas, b. June 4, 1832 - d. Nov 26, 1889 (Section 29)
Margaret B., wife of Royal Vilas, died June 14, 1832 Age 26 yrs (Section 29)

Harriet L. Vilas, departed this life Feb 14, 1856 Age 16 yrs; Our Hattie (Section 39)
Charles A. Vilas, b. July 4, 1842 - Oct 8, 1867; Close-up (Section 39)
W. Spencer Vilas, b. June 16, 1846 - d. Sept 10, 1869; Close-up (Section 39)
Edwin B. Vilas, 1850-1878 (Section 39)
Henry L. Vilas, 1853-1891 (Section 39)
Annie A. Vilas, 1855-1927 (Section 39)
Elizabeth Vilas Holcombe, 1849-1946 (Section 39)
Ellen Baldwin, wife of Alden Vilas, 1819-1884 (Section 39)
Alden Vilas, 1806-1899 (Section 39)
Sally Chandler Baldwin Ames, 1796-1883; Inscription, "in 1817 she married Thomas Baldwin, who was born in 1797 and died at Potsdam NY 1826 (Section 39)
David E. Southwick, 1831-1908 (Section 39)

Albon Vilas, 1859-1948 (Section 90)
Jennie M., 1868-1948 (SEction 90)
Mary Ruth Vilas, 1893-1979 (Section 90)
Roy G. Vilas, 1889-19__ (Section 90)
Margaret N. Vilas, 1890 - 19__ (Section 90)
Frederick A. Nichols, 1858-1923 (Section 90)
Marguerite U. Nichols, 1858-1931 (Section 90)

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Vintage 1839 Yocum-Stetler Family Bible Pennsylvania Back To Sweden

An interesting Family Bible has come up for auction on eBay and I took a look for the births, marriages and deaths of the various families mentioned to see if I could connect the dots. The bible itself is in pretty rough shape having been printed in Philadelphia in 1839 by Hogan & Thomas and the cover is separated from the book. Of course it is the family history that always catches my eye and this one has some family records from the 1700s and those always intrigue me genealogically.

Reviewing the information provided, there's information as follows:

One of the pictures provided by the seller shows "ibeller Yocum was born April 12th 1782" and presumably her husband's birth is shown as "August 1st 1776." Not much to go on, but I did some research and found the following...

Enoch Yocum
born 1 Aug 1776 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
married 29 Nov 1798 The Old Swedes Church, Kingsessing, PA. by Pastor Nicholas Collin
died 4 Sept 1848 Liverpool, Perry County, Pennsylvania

Enoch married Isabelle Robeson "ibeller"? She was listed as the daughter of  William Robeson & Sarah Beebe. Born 5 Apr 1782 Bucks County, Pennsylvania, died 29 Mar 1846 Liverpool, Perry County, Pennsylvania.

One of Enoch & Isabelle's children is given as Abraham Yocum, born 8 Nov 1821 Perry Co., Hunters Valley, Pennsylvania died before 8 Apr 1848 Perry Co., Pennsylvania. In one of the pictures you can see "Abraham Yocum was born November 8 1824" too close to call.

The family tree for Enoch goes all the way back to Peter Yocum\Jochimsson born 1620 at Schleswig-Holstein, Sweden and died  aft Jun 1654 New Amsterdam (Manhattan), New York.

Enoch Yocum
son of Abraham Yocum 1744-1800
son of Peter Yocum 1712-c1766
son of Charles Yocum 1682-1741
son of Peter Petersson Yocum 1652-1701
son of Peter Yocum\Jochimsson 1620-c1654

1880 U.S. Census

At Monroe, Snyder, Pennsylvania


Jacob STETLER Male age 45 (1835) in Pennsylvania, Occupation Farm Laborer, both parents born PA
Amanda STETLER Wife age 38 (1842) in Pennsylvania Keeping House, both parents born PA
John STETLER Son Single age 14 (1866) in Pennsylvania, Farm Laborer, both parents born PA
Orin STETLER Son Single age 12 (1868) in Pennsylvania, Farm Laborer, both parents born PA
Ida STETLER Daughter Single age 16 (1864) in Pennsylvania, Farm Laborer, both parents born PA

There are 17 individuals living in Monroe, Snyder, PA with the surname Stetler for the 1880 with two other families, one headed by a Noah Stetler and another by a Thomas Stetler, both also born in Pennsylvania and around the age of Jacob. Possibly brothers or cousins?

Jacob Stetler and Amanda Miller are listed on as having been married 01 January 1861 at Snyder, Pennsylvania. Jacob is also shown as born 10 Jan 1835 Winfield, Union Co., Union Twp., Pennsylvania to Nicholas Stetler (c1798-1865) and Elizabeth Trutt (born 1798). Nicholas is also shown as the son of Vallentin Stettler born c1764 Germany, died 1828 Union Twp, Union Co., Pennsylvania.

Jacob and Amanda Elizabeth Miller's marriage 01 Jan 1861 is also shown as taking place at Union Township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, narrowing down the place even more and confirming Amanda's middle name. Her date of birth is shown as 2 Jan 1840 and place of birth as Selinsgrove, Union/Snyder Co., Pennsylvania.

Most importantly, considering the family bible, Amanda's parents are shown to have been John H. Miller, born 27 May 1809 Selinsgrove, Synder County, Pennsylvania, died 15 Apr 1884 Selinsgrove, Synder County, Pennsylvania and

Isabella Yocum born 22 August 1814 Philadelphia, PA died 20 May 1850 Selinsgrove, Synder County, Pennsylvania and Isabella's parents are listed as Enoch Yocum 1776-1848 and Isabelle Robeson 1782-1846!

So the Stetler family in the 1880 census listing at Monroe, Snyder, Pennsylvania ties in with the Yocum family and back to Sweden for several generations.

If you are interested in seeing this family biible in more detail, the eBay item number is 200510505526

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1857 Family Bible Edson Legate (Leegate/Leggatt) & Mary Malvina Williams

This particular family bible was published back in 1857 and is in fairly good condition for a bible of it's age with yellowed and mildewed pages, but with both covers intact.

The family information starts with the marriage of Elson B. "Leegate" to Mary M. Williams on 6 September 1855 and records Elson's death as 10 Sept., 1870. Looking online, we find that Elson B. Legate (note different spelling) married Mary Malvina Williams (her full name!) on 6 Sept., 1855 and the location as Sangamon, Illinois. There is a record of an Elson Legate born 17 January 1828 at Charlemont, Franklin, Massachusetts to Thomas and Almira Legate. Almira's maiden name is shown elsewhere as Parker, and Thomas Legate is shown as born 8 July 1799 to Thomas Leggatt (note spelling change) and his wife Mary Farwell. This Thomas was shown as born 6 May 1771.
The Thomas Leggatt born 1771 is shown as the son of Robert Leggatt (b: 20 July 1740) and Mary Colburn (b: 4 Oct 1742). Robert in turn is listed as the son of Thomas Leggatt (b: 27 Feb 1704 d: c1745) and Magdelane Dupree.
Three of the children of Elson B. Legate and Mary M. Williams are reported in the bible as:

William Albion
Edwin Barnes
James Williams

Taking a quick look at the 1880 Census shows the following:

Living at Elgin, Kane, Illinois
Mary Legate, widow, age 46 (born c.1834 Massachusetts), father born NY, mother born unknown
Wilber Legate, son, age 21 (b: c.1859 Illinois), with both parents born Massachusetts
James Legate, son, age 17 (b: c.1863 Illinois), with both parents born Massachusetts
Edwin Legate, son, age 19 (b: c.1861 Illinois), with both parents born Massachusetts

A note in the flyleaf indicates that Mary M. Legate (maiden name Williams) was living at Mango, Florida by 1886. If this is the same Elson Legate born to Thomas and Almira, then the family tree extends back to before the American Revolution.

Taking a look only for Mary Malvina Williams, we are also in luck. Even with a commonly found surname as Williams, I found her listed as born 12 April 1834 in Charlemont, Franklin, Massachusetts, and died 5 Jan 1920 in Elgin, Cook & Kane, Illinois. Her parents are listed as:

Father: Simeon Hodges Williams, born 1 July 1801, and died 18 Feb 1868 in Shelburne Falls, Franklin, Massachusetts.
Mother: Sylvia Dickinson, born 25 October 1805 in West Briton, Hartford, Connecticut, and died 30 December 1878 in Elgin, Cook or Kane, Illinois. They married 20 Sep 1832 at Charlemont, Franklin, Massachusetts. Mary had a brother, James Montgomery Williams, born 13 Aug 1840 and a sister born 27 Dec 1836. Simeon Hodges Williams' parents are given as John Williams and Susanna Hodges.

Sylvia Dickinson's parents are listed as Levi Dwight Dickinson b c.1763 and Levinia Barnes 8 July 1767 in Southington, Hartford, Connecticut. Lots of Dickinson relatives can be found online with a simple search of Levi's name.

To take a closer look at this family bible, the eBay item number is 280530478256.

Bowman-Grim-Painter Of Frederick, Virginia Family Bible

Taking a look at this old family bible that is up for auction on ebay, we find a bunch of family genealogical information on the Bowman and Grim families of Frederick, Virginia. The bible itself was published way back in 1829 at Lunenburg, Massachusetts. The first entry is for the marriage of John Bowman and Mary Ann Grim who married 16 March 1822 at Frederick, Virginia.
Other names shown in the bible include Charls Welty Painter, a Samuel S. Painter who married Noira Bowman. The ebay seller mentions it appears they wed possibly in 1860, but looking online shows that a Samuel "L." Painter married a "Noine D. Bowman at Shenandoah, Virginia on May 30th, 1880. Obviously I am unsure if this is the same family as that mentioned in the family bible, so more research would be needed.

If you want to take a closer look at this bible, check on ebay item number 270603448951. The seller says they are a descendent of these families having received the bible with other effects from his grandmother about ten years ago.

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Family Bible Of Barrett Family Of Concord, Massachusetts Connects To 1600s

BarrettThere's a family bible of one of the older families of Massachusetts on sale at eBay. It concerns the Barrett family who have lived at Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts since the early colonial era although this particular bible contains family information starting in the mid-to-late 1700s.

The bible itself was printed in 1809 by Matthew Carey of MA and is in fairly good condition for it's age. There are numerous pictures of the bible and its contents on the eBay auction. There are 5 pages of Barrett and related family history information with, according to the seller:

Births 1755 - 1895
Marriages 1779 - 1870
Deaths 1826 - 1944

The bible originally belonged to Amos Barrett and his wife Mary Hubbard who wed in 1779. Unfortunately the information is a bit difficult to read in the photographs provided, but some details are legible. One of the entries that I can make out is the marriage of Rufus Gilmore and Abigail Barrett, 18 June 1816. Looking online, this Rufus Gilmore is Rufus Gilmore Jr born 25 Dec 1790 at Union, Knox, Maine, the sone of Rufus Gilmore and Sally or Sarah Robbins.

If you are doing genealogical research and have family that lived in or around the area of Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, you might want to take a look at this site: Barrett Family Tree, which has 48 pages showing the descent from Humphrey Barrett (b: 1630 England, d: 3 Jan 1714/15 at Concord). Lots and lots of families and names to read through and there is a connection down to Amos Barrett and Mary Hubbard.

If you want to take a look at the family bible (and all the pictures of family history), the eBay item number is 370400590550.

Tiffany-Best Family Bible On EBAY

If you are researching the Tiffany or Best families in New York state, you might want to take a close look at this family bible that has come up for auction on eBay. The bible itself is in fairly good condition according to the seller and has quite a bit of family information.

The genealogical information starts with the marriage of Charles David Tiffany to Ada Best June 5, 1878. Other entries show Ada's parents as Henry Best and Catherine Maria Smith.

I took a look online and Henry Edgar Best (son of Robert) married Catherine Maria Smith Oct. 15, 1856. Ada's siblings are given as: Carry (b Sept. 6, 1859; m. Byaly Miller); Jessie, (b. March 30, 1862; d. May 10, 1863); Anna Maria, (b. Aug. 26, 1864; m. Jonas A. Rossman); Janette, (b. Mch. 5, 1867; m. Nov. 2, 1887, James I. Leggett; d. Oct. 19, 1888. No issue); Lulu, (b. Oct. 30, 1874; m. James H. Miller); Eugenia, (b. Nov. 13, 1877 ; m. Edgar S. Bradley); and Catherine E., (b. Apr. 17, 1879; d. Mch. 16, 1881).

Ada was born July 12, 1857 and married Charles D. Tiffany (he was born June 3, 1856). Their children:

Claude, b. March 5, 1879
Gordon, b. Mch. 10, 1881; d. July 8, 1899
Lila Erroll, b. Sept. 1, 1884
Mary Irene, b. Sept. 9, 1889
Rossman, b. July 29, 1895
Harold, b. Oct. 6, 1900

Henry Edgar Best's father, Robert Best was born Jan. 1, 1799; d. Dec. 3, 1890; married Anna Maria Hallenbeck.

Here's a link for more on the Best Family Tree.

If you want to take a closer look at this family bible, the eBay item number is 110551199069.

Eisenhart And Smith Family Of Tipton, Cedar, Iowa Family Bible

This old family bible was printed in 1853 at New York by the American Bible Society and appears to have come into the possession of a "J.S. Eisenhart." The bible itself seems in fairly good condition, with "some doodles" according to the seller. One page shows a Jacob Eisenhart marrying an Ellin? Smith, as shown to the right.

Doing some quick online research, it seems that Eisenhart came from Pennsylvania according to the census info seen below.

Take a look at the following 1880 Census information for Tipton, Cedar, Iowa:

Rebecca Smith Widow, age 74 (born 1806) born Pennsylvania, parents both born Pennsylvania
Ella Eisenhart, daughter, married, age 40 (born 1840) born PA, father born Maryland
Jacob Eisenhart, son-in-law, married, age 46 (born 1834), born PA, Occupation Agent Setting Spring Beds, both of Jacob's parents born in PA.
Dessie Eisenhart, daughter, age 20 (born 1860), born Iowa
Earnest Eisenhart, son, age 12 (born 1868), born Iowa

It looks like Jacob is living with his mother-in-law, Rebecca Smith. Interestingly, Jacob seems to have been born in Pennsylvania and moved to Iowa. If searching for more information on this particular Eisenhart family, looking into Pennsylvania records may be in order. There is a "Jacob Schmucker Eisenhart" born 27 January, 1834 at York, Pennsylvania to Jacob Eisenhart and his wife Eliza. I don't know if this would be the same Jacob that marries in Iowa, but more research may be in order.

If you are looking for more information on the Eisenhart family in Pennsylvania, take a look at this page about the Eisenhart/Isenhart family. The name "Jacob" shows up and it looks like this family also spread over to Ohio.

To take a look at this family bible, the eBay item number is 170505709597.