Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bowman-Grim-Painter Of Frederick, Virginia Family Bible

Taking a look at this old family bible that is up for auction on ebay, we find a bunch of family genealogical information on the Bowman and Grim families of Frederick, Virginia. The bible itself was published way back in 1829 at Lunenburg, Massachusetts. The first entry is for the marriage of John Bowman and Mary Ann Grim who married 16 March 1822 at Frederick, Virginia.
Other names shown in the bible include Charls Welty Painter, a Samuel S. Painter who married Noira Bowman. The ebay seller mentions it appears they wed possibly in 1860, but looking online shows that a Samuel "L." Painter married a "Noine D. Bowman at Shenandoah, Virginia on May 30th, 1880. Obviously I am unsure if this is the same family as that mentioned in the family bible, so more research would be needed.

If you want to take a closer look at this bible, check on ebay item number 270603448951. The seller says they are a descendent of these families having received the bible with other effects from his grandmother about ten years ago.

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Cheryl said...

I am the seller of this bible on ebay. I checked the date and it does appear that it could be 1880. The script is very fancy and is difficult for me to read. Thanks for posting this information - Cheryl