Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Bible Of Barrett Family Of Concord, Massachusetts Connects To 1600s

BarrettThere's a family bible of one of the older families of Massachusetts on sale at eBay. It concerns the Barrett family who have lived at Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts since the early colonial era although this particular bible contains family information starting in the mid-to-late 1700s.

The bible itself was printed in 1809 by Matthew Carey of MA and is in fairly good condition for it's age. There are numerous pictures of the bible and its contents on the eBay auction. There are 5 pages of Barrett and related family history information with, according to the seller:

Births 1755 - 1895
Marriages 1779 - 1870
Deaths 1826 - 1944

The bible originally belonged to Amos Barrett and his wife Mary Hubbard who wed in 1779. Unfortunately the information is a bit difficult to read in the photographs provided, but some details are legible. One of the entries that I can make out is the marriage of Rufus Gilmore and Abigail Barrett, 18 June 1816. Looking online, this Rufus Gilmore is Rufus Gilmore Jr born 25 Dec 1790 at Union, Knox, Maine, the sone of Rufus Gilmore and Sally or Sarah Robbins.

If you are doing genealogical research and have family that lived in or around the area of Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, you might want to take a look at this site: Barrett Family Tree, which has 48 pages showing the descent from Humphrey Barrett (b: 1630 England, d: 3 Jan 1714/15 at Concord). Lots and lots of families and names to read through and there is a connection down to Amos Barrett and Mary Hubbard.

If you want to take a look at the family bible (and all the pictures of family history), the eBay item number is 370400590550.

Tiffany-Best Family Bible On EBAY

If you are researching the Tiffany or Best families in New York state, you might want to take a close look at this family bible that has come up for auction on eBay. The bible itself is in fairly good condition according to the seller and has quite a bit of family information.

The genealogical information starts with the marriage of Charles David Tiffany to Ada Best June 5, 1878. Other entries show Ada's parents as Henry Best and Catherine Maria Smith.

I took a look online and Henry Edgar Best (son of Robert) married Catherine Maria Smith Oct. 15, 1856. Ada's siblings are given as: Carry (b Sept. 6, 1859; m. Byaly Miller); Jessie, (b. March 30, 1862; d. May 10, 1863); Anna Maria, (b. Aug. 26, 1864; m. Jonas A. Rossman); Janette, (b. Mch. 5, 1867; m. Nov. 2, 1887, James I. Leggett; d. Oct. 19, 1888. No issue); Lulu, (b. Oct. 30, 1874; m. James H. Miller); Eugenia, (b. Nov. 13, 1877 ; m. Edgar S. Bradley); and Catherine E., (b. Apr. 17, 1879; d. Mch. 16, 1881).

Ada was born July 12, 1857 and married Charles D. Tiffany (he was born June 3, 1856). Their children:

Claude, b. March 5, 1879
Gordon, b. Mch. 10, 1881; d. July 8, 1899
Lila Erroll, b. Sept. 1, 1884
Mary Irene, b. Sept. 9, 1889
Rossman, b. July 29, 1895
Harold, b. Oct. 6, 1900

Henry Edgar Best's father, Robert Best was born Jan. 1, 1799; d. Dec. 3, 1890; married Anna Maria Hallenbeck.

Here's a link for more on the Best Family Tree.

If you want to take a closer look at this family bible, the eBay item number is 110551199069.

Eisenhart And Smith Family Of Tipton, Cedar, Iowa Family Bible

This old family bible was printed in 1853 at New York by the American Bible Society and appears to have come into the possession of a "J.S. Eisenhart." The bible itself seems in fairly good condition, with "some doodles" according to the seller. One page shows a Jacob Eisenhart marrying an Ellin? Smith, as shown to the right.

Doing some quick online research, it seems that Eisenhart came from Pennsylvania according to the census info seen below.

Take a look at the following 1880 Census information for Tipton, Cedar, Iowa:

Rebecca Smith Widow, age 74 (born 1806) born Pennsylvania, parents both born Pennsylvania
Ella Eisenhart, daughter, married, age 40 (born 1840) born PA, father born Maryland
Jacob Eisenhart, son-in-law, married, age 46 (born 1834), born PA, Occupation Agent Setting Spring Beds, both of Jacob's parents born in PA.
Dessie Eisenhart, daughter, age 20 (born 1860), born Iowa
Earnest Eisenhart, son, age 12 (born 1868), born Iowa

It looks like Jacob is living with his mother-in-law, Rebecca Smith. Interestingly, Jacob seems to have been born in Pennsylvania and moved to Iowa. If searching for more information on this particular Eisenhart family, looking into Pennsylvania records may be in order. There is a "Jacob Schmucker Eisenhart" born 27 January, 1834 at York, Pennsylvania to Jacob Eisenhart and his wife Eliza. I don't know if this would be the same Jacob that marries in Iowa, but more research may be in order.

If you are looking for more information on the Eisenhart family in Pennsylvania, take a look at this page about the Eisenhart/Isenhart family. The name "Jacob" shows up and it looks like this family also spread over to Ohio.

To take a look at this family bible, the eBay item number is 170505709597.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wachter From Lewistown, Maryland 1850s-Era Family Bible On EBAY

Are you a Wachter from Maryland? I just spotted a family bible on sale at eBay that may be of interest to you. The seller has this leather-bound bible that contains family history information that you might want to take a look at. The births of several Wachter children from a farming family in Lewistown, Frederick, Maryland is handwritten over several pages and if you have that surname in your background, you might want to take a look.

The names I can decipher are as follows:

Milton (Valerin?) Wachter born 1853
Marien Eugene Anderson Wachter born 1854
Willie Haward Wachter born 1856
Florence Elmira Wachter born 1859
Charles Samuel Wachter born 1860
Elmer Curtis Wachter born 1862
Lillie Anna Bell Wachter 1865.

There is actually more info on the pages than just the year of birth. Their exact date of birth as well as their date of baptism is given. The children were baptised by a "Reverend Geo. W. Anderson" and the second child listed has Anderson as a middle name, so possibly a relative of the family? Or maybe the good reverend was held in very high esteem by the family. I don't know at this point. Some of the other children were baptised by different reverends.

Taking a look online, This family seems to be the same as that listed in the 1880 Census for Lewistown with the following details:

Lewis H. Wachter married age 47 (born 1834) Born MD Occupation Farmer, Both parents born in MD.
Amanda Wachter married age 50, Born MD, Keeping House, also parents born in Maryland.
Eugene Wachter, son, age 25 (born 1855), laborer
Charles Wachter, son, age 19 (born 1861), laborer
Elmer Wachter, son, age 16 (born 1864)
Anna Wachter, daughter, age 15 ( born 1865)

These children are also shown as born in Maryland. Also, a few houses away lives the family of Andrew Wachter, age 39 and his wife Cornelia and their 5 children,. A little farther down the road is another Wachter family: John Wachter, age 28, his wife Mary and the couples 2 small children. Another Lewis F. Wachter, age 46 and his family live close by - perhaps a cousin of the Lewis H. Wachter?

There's also a record of the marriage of Lewis H. Wachter to Amanda A. Pacely 2 September 1852 at  St Johns Parish Protestant Episcopal, Joppa, Harford, Maryland. There seems to have been several Wachter families in County of Frederick, Maryland since at least the 1780s. More research would need to be done to link all these branches together to see who is a couson or brother to whom, but as I am not tracing this particular family, I'll leave that to others.

To take a look at this old family bible, the eBay item number is 110552108666. As always, I am not associated with any one selling family bibles on ebay and the info provided is hopefully helpful to those tracing this particular surname.