Monday, June 28, 2010

Eisenhart And Smith Family Of Tipton, Cedar, Iowa Family Bible

This old family bible was printed in 1853 at New York by the American Bible Society and appears to have come into the possession of a "J.S. Eisenhart." The bible itself seems in fairly good condition, with "some doodles" according to the seller. One page shows a Jacob Eisenhart marrying an Ellin? Smith, as shown to the right.

Doing some quick online research, it seems that Eisenhart came from Pennsylvania according to the census info seen below.

Take a look at the following 1880 Census information for Tipton, Cedar, Iowa:

Rebecca Smith Widow, age 74 (born 1806) born Pennsylvania, parents both born Pennsylvania
Ella Eisenhart, daughter, married, age 40 (born 1840) born PA, father born Maryland
Jacob Eisenhart, son-in-law, married, age 46 (born 1834), born PA, Occupation Agent Setting Spring Beds, both of Jacob's parents born in PA.
Dessie Eisenhart, daughter, age 20 (born 1860), born Iowa
Earnest Eisenhart, son, age 12 (born 1868), born Iowa

It looks like Jacob is living with his mother-in-law, Rebecca Smith. Interestingly, Jacob seems to have been born in Pennsylvania and moved to Iowa. If searching for more information on this particular Eisenhart family, looking into Pennsylvania records may be in order. There is a "Jacob Schmucker Eisenhart" born 27 January, 1834 at York, Pennsylvania to Jacob Eisenhart and his wife Eliza. I don't know if this would be the same Jacob that marries in Iowa, but more research may be in order.

If you are looking for more information on the Eisenhart family in Pennsylvania, take a look at this page about the Eisenhart/Isenhart family. The name "Jacob" shows up and it looks like this family also spread over to Ohio.

To take a look at this family bible, the eBay item number is 170505709597.

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