Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How To Contact GenTips

To reach GenTips by email:

gentips at

Also of course, there is the option of leaving comments on whichever post had raised the question. Any comments, suggestions or queries are, of course, most welcome. Spam will not be accepted or forwarded, and any email address received by GenTips will not be kept for re-sale, or collection. No spam will be sent by GenTips, EVER. The only time an email will be received from GenTips will be in reply to an email.

If in the future, a decision is made to provide readers of this genealogy blog with any sort of an email newsletter, that newsletter would be entirely voluntary on the part of anyone choosing to receive such an email, along with a simple, easy choice for an immediate opt-out option. Presently, there are no plans for any such newsletter.

That said, please feel free to ask any genealogical questions or make any suggestions for improvement of the site. The whole point of this family history blog is to try to provide information that genealogists will find helpful.

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