Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where Can I Download Genealogy Forms And Charts?

If you are like me (I feel for you, lol), you like to keep your records and information as orderly as possible. When you first begin keeping notes you might be able to keep them in several notebooks or on pieces of paper in a binder. But after a while your information is lost on several different pages. You have one ancestor's date of birth on one page and something about that ancestor scribbled down somewhere else. You probably want to try to get you information for each individual or each family group on a separate page of their own. That way you can figure out what is missing and where you need to look in the future.

What about if you could enter your information about each family on their own page, or were about to keep track of what letters you have sent requesting information. You may have been going through the census records and found several different families and your notes are not clear. What you need is to find some forms to help organize your notes so you can focus on the fun stuff: finding your ancestors.

The website offers FREE charts that you can use in your research. You have to download them, but they are incredibly handy. Here is a list of the charts available:

Ancestral Chart - A 4-generation chart that lets you record the ancestors from whom you directly descend.

Research Calendar - Helps keep track of when you've checked a particular record source.

Research Extract - Provides a summary of records you have checked.

Correspondence Record - Helps you keep track of who you have written, the reason you wrote, and if you received a reply.

Family Group Sheet - Helps you keep track of each family group with their pertinent information.

Source Summary - Helps you keep track of the sources of information.

US Census Forms - Lets you keep track of information from 1790-1930 US censuses.

UK Census Forms - Lets you keep track of information from 1841-1901 UK censuses.

Canadian Census Forms - Lets you keep track of information from several of the Canadian censuses.

There are several other websites that provide links to family group charts and other assorted genealogical forms, such as, and Canadian Genealogy, You can download all sorts of forms and charts that can assist you in keeping track of your research.

Using forms like these help keep the vital information about individuals and families all in one handy place for you to see what needs to be done next. The family group sheets for example usually shows the name of husband, date and place of his birth, marriage, death and burial, and names of his parents. The same information is provided for the wife and for each of the couple's children and includes room for their spouses' names.

Usually there is also areas for other information like as places of residence, occupation, church and military service. Additional information can be included such as other marriages for either husband or wife and the source of each piece of information.

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