Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1857 BIBLE Wrights, Barkers, Hodgkins ~ Families Record from 1776 to 1889

This particular family bible was published by Robert Sears of New York in 1857 and contains over 1,000 illustrations. But of more importance to genealogists are the five pages of births, marriages and deaths recorded dating back to 1776 and ending in 1889.

The first name appears to be Hezekiah Hodgkins, born July 9th, 1776, who married Hannah Barker July 12th, 1801. Familysearch shows that Hodgkins was the son of Thomas Hodgkins, and he died 5 Jan 1837 (also noted in the family bible).

There are several notes shown in the pictures mentioning the parents (and grandparents!) of Hezekiah and Hannah, and their childrens' births, marriages and deaths as well as spouses and grandchildren. A lot of information for someone trying to track down this family.

If you want to look at this family bible in more detail, the eBay Item Number is 300380107983.

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Dee said...

I actually researched out this family after I also saw this Hodgekin bible on ebay. I found records for Hezekiah Hodgekin and Hannah Barker on and some old census records, and was able to piece out a bit of this family. If anyone wants more information on this family they can contact me at

Hezekiah Hodgekin (s) : 7 Jul 1776 - 5 Jul 1837 with Hannah Barker (23 Dec 1780 - 25 Jul 1867). They had 7 children: Laura Hodgekins, Henry Hodgekins, Phineas Hodgekins, Amanda Hodgekins, Alanson Hodgekins, Amanda Malorina Hodgekins, and Ezra Hodgekins. Alanson and Amanda the first died young.

Ezra Hodgkins was quite famous in his community and shows up in the 1899 volume XII of American Ancestry (google books) as a prominent businessman and they bring his line back to Hezekiah, and the Barker line back even further. Hannah lived with son Phineas in Fowler, NY after Hezekiah died. Haven't found anything else about the other children; I did put up the family tree at as part of my tree "Gleanings from Online Family Bibles" if anyone is interested.