Saturday, December 19, 2009

Old Family Bible On eBay ~ Allen Taylor Negro Slave Genealogy

The family bible published in 1837 once belonged to Evelyn Allen Wood of Buchanan, Virginia and appears to include an important genealogy of the former slaves of Judge Allen and the Allen family at Beaver Dam, Virginia. Evelyn's father was Judge J. J. Allen, was the former president of the Virginia State Court of Appeals, and one of the chief advisers to the state government during the American Civil War.

Bound in between the old and new testaments are 8 blue ruled pages, (4 sheets, 2 sides each sheet), containing the "Names and ages of servants (slaves)"! The first date of a birth is for a Malinda in 1792, with the last date of birth being for a Moses in 1865. Also in 1865 shows an entry for a Bob, with a note that he was "the runaway son of Penn". The 6th and 7th pages contain entries for Deaths, starting in 1853 and ending in 1871. These pages form the genealogy for this family of slaves.

The family bible is being auctioned on eBay and the eBay item number is 370306749084.

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