Monday, December 7, 2009

Basic Overview Of Genealogy Records Available

The amount of material that is now online and available to family historians is truly staggering compared to what was available just a few short years ago, and the volume continues to increase at a daily rate. I don't want to sound too much like an oldster, but when I started doing my own family history work I was required to mail letters to various institutions, wait as long as a month or two before receiving a reply and if I was lucky, I would be able to book time on the rickety old microfilm reader at my local library to pour over unindexed census records.

Flash forward to the present day, and most if not all of the information most genealogists need is available at their fingertips through the Internet. Even my local library joined the modern age, and is now fully equipped with computers and the genealogy section has increased dramatically. On a side note, they still have those same old microfilm readers, but have added several newer models. It is kind of funny demonstrating to newer librarians how to thread the microfilm rolls onto those old dinosaurs.

All of these records will be covered here and how they can be used to further your own research.

Bible Records
Birth Records
Cemetery Records
Census Records
Court Records
Death Records
Documents Online
Documenting Your Research
Immigration Records
Emigration Records
Land Records
Marriage Records
Military Records
Naturalization Records
Occupations & Trades
School Records
Social Security Records
Vital Records
Wills & Probate Records

Although there are numerous records and documents available online, not all are easily found. My plan is to provide a useful guide to help point fellow family history researchers in the right direction.

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