Saturday, December 19, 2009

Climbing George Bush's Family Tree

According to this video, former President George W. Bush is a distant cousin of Barack Obama as well as Marilyn Monroe, Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt among others. One wonders if Bush would also be a relation of Warren Buffet who was recently discovered to be a distant cousin of Obama - see Obama And Buffett Cousins.

Discovering your own connection to a famous person living today or one who lived in the distant past is one of the perks of family history. I've discovered that I have a connection to the infamous Benedict Arnold, but only through marriage, not as a blood relation. Most people find their genealogy does not include the famous (or infamous), but by tracing your own family tree you can sometimes discover some surprising results. With the number of descendants living in the United States of the earliest ancestors who came to this country, it is actually somewhat likely that with enough research you will find a connection to many who have been, or are currently in the spotlight.

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