Saturday, March 27, 2010

Towne-Eames Family Bible From Holliston, Mass Goes Back To 1700s

Here's another newly listed family bible on eBay. Published in 1823 by Daniel J. Smith of New York, the seller states the family history information is very clearly written in the bible and provides quite a bit of what genealogical data it contains.

The family shown is Garner Towne and his spouse Dorcus Eames. Garner Towne's info shows he was born 29 Nov 1795 and died 20 June 1879, while his wife Dorcus E. Eames was born 25 May 1801 and died 7 July 1887. They married 29 March 1825.

According to information from the Internet, she was the daughter of Daniel Eames and Molly Kittridge Wright (also shown in the family bible). The marriage of Garner and Dorcus is shown as 1826, not 1825 as shown in the bible, and her date of death as 30 June 1897, not 1887, so confirmation is needed there.

Her father Daniel Eames is shown as born 11 March 1767 (at Holliston, Middlesex, Mass) and he died in 1855. His parents are shown as Daniel Eames and Mary Cutler. Daniel Eames (1767-1855) and Molly Kittridge Wright (1768-1842) are shown with 13 children, 3 born at Holliston, Mass and the remaining 10 children born at Weston, Oneida, New York. Looking on Rootsweb, there is a family tree starting with Thomas Eames (1618-1679) of Dedham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts, who married Mary Blanford and connects down to the mentioned Daniel Eames (1740-after 1777) and Mary Cutler (she was the daughter of Jonathan Cutler and Abigail Clark). Here's a link to the Eames Family Tree.

The item number for those wanting a closer look at this family bible is 380219140798.

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