Thursday, September 4, 2008

Searching the Scottish 1841 Census with FreeCEN

One of the many websites available for genealogists is FreeCEN. I used it to finally locate my elusive 3x-great-grandfather, Thomas Bradshaw in Renfrewshire. You can search FreeCEN and hopefully have the same positive results.

Thomas Bradshaw has been ducking me at every turn in my quest to research my family history. He isn't listed in the parish records for Renfrew but was born there and died before civil registration started in 1855 in Scotland and he even missed the 1851 census because he died in 1850. No idea where he is buried, so I wouldn't be able to find relatives buried nearby for any cemetery transcriptions. His wife is listed in the 1851 census as a widow in 1851 with several children. I've found his marriage but no information about any brothers, sisters or other relatives in any of the databases I've searched.

But, the good news! He was listed as BROADSHA, Thomas age 33 Labourer born Renfrewshire with his wife Janet (maiden name TAYLOR) and 3 sons, John, Thomas and James. Also listed living with them is Janet's sister Christine TAYLOR and a Christine MCCARIE age 10 who I guess is Christine's daughter.

Searching the 1841 census yields no other BROADSHA individuals listed in Scotland, 61 BROADSHAWs, and 316 BRADSHAWs, with only 4 in Renfrewshire. Obviously more needs to been done.

You should check out FreeCEN. Maybe you'll have some success with it too.

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