Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top Ten Genealogy Websites

There are hundreds of excellent websites available for family history researchers and whittling that number down to a list of just 10 can be a daunting task. Here are my personal favorites. They are not ranked 1-10 because each contributes differently to your genealogy research. Let me know if you dispute my choices or want to add to the list.

Cyndi's List: One of the most popular genealogy directories and indexes on the web. Cyndi's site features a massive number of links that are categorized and cross-referenced. If you are looking for general or specific family history information, this frequently updated site will point you in the right direction. does require a subscription, but it also offers a free trial on its home page. If you aren't happy with it, just cancel. Use this site to find indexed Census Records and images for the U.S. and other countries, family stories and publications, news articles, birth and death records, and military records. is one of the biggest and most comprehensive genealogy websites out there and a lot of your research needs will lead you there.
Genuki: Hands down the absolute best source for those doing research in England, Scotland and Ireland. Broken down to the county, parish, local level with links to the massive amount of available records. Your best connection to others also researching in your family or area of interest. The best, most comprehensive site I've used for overseas genealogical research.
US GenWeb: This genealogy website contains information about the US GenWeb project and also links to state-level GenWeb sites. Maintained by volunteers and growing daily, this is a site you simply must visit for US family historians and researchers.
Rootsweb: One of the oldest and most popular free genealogy sites on the web. This website offers several different services to the genealogical community, including web-page hosting, search indexes and registries. This site provides actual information and not just links to genealogy information. I've used this site from day one of my online family history research. You can search mailing lists and forum postings. Post questions you have and family names you are researching. Lot's of help here with your family history questions.
Google: First and last, Google is one of the best websites you can use for family history research. Setting aside it's massive search capacity, Google provides access to great genealogy blogs (like this one!), webpages, groups, useful maps and just about everything else. You can also search the web for others posting about your ancestors from the old country.
Family Tree Maker Online: The Family Tree Maker website offers an extensive "how-to" guide, a genealogy mall, the 115-million-name Family Finder index, message boards, a biography assistant and more.
Linkpedium: A new website from the founders of Rootsweb. This site will provide links to everything under the sun for anyone trying to find genealogy records and resources. A massive database and free to use, FamilySearch is favored by just about everyone who does online genealogy. this useful (extremely useful!) website has over a billion names in various databases that get updated all the time. Census records, the international genealogical index (known as the IGI), pedigree resource files, and vital records index. FamilySearch is one of the most visited, bookmarked, favorited and best sites out there. I'd give it 5 stars out of 5 for all the help they've provided me in my own family research.

You probably have even more favorite websites you use. Let me know what you would like to add to this list. It's always changing and being updated.

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