Thursday, February 4, 2010

1854 HEATH family from INDIANA Leather Bible Possibly Listed To Wiltshire, England

There's another interesting old family bible listed on eBay that may be of interest to Heath family researchers. Published in 1854 in New York by Carleton and Phillips, the book has a soft leather cover and is reportedly in fair condition.

The names show a George A. Heath who died October 4th, 1876. It appears Mr Heath was the son of Ralph and Mary Heath and the bible also has their vitals. Ralph Heath, born November 24, 1792, died May 14th, 1861. Mary Heath, born January 20th, 1798, died May 20th, 1876.

Checking online, it looks like this would George Allen Heath, born 23 Jul 1835, Muncie, Delaware, Indiana to Ralph Heath and Mary Tomlinson. Ralph Heath and Mary Tomlinson married 23 Nov 1815, Guilford County, North Carolina. The Heaths had seven children:
Albert HEATH (1816-1909)
John Wright HEATH (1819-1903)
James Waford HEATH (1821-1875)
Ada Cameline HEATH (1823- )
Ada Camiline HEATH (1824-1825)
Jacob Watson HEATH (1824-1902)
George Allen HEATH (1835-1876)

Ralph Heath's parents listed as Jacob Heath (1747-1816) born Roxberry, Mass., and Mary Smith. Ralph listed as one of seven children of Jacob and Mary. Jacob Heath (1747-1816) one of six children of John Heath (1702- ) and Lydia Bradley. John Heath married twice, secondly to Temperance Avery and had a further eight children.

John Heath (1702- ), listed as the son of John Heath (1674-1713) and Hannah Haynes or Hains. The line continues as John Heath (1674-1713) son of John Heath (1643-1708), son of Bartholomew Heath, etc. back to another John Heath described as Of Salisbury, St. Martins, Wiltshire, England. Obviously more work would need to be done to ensure the accuracy of the information, but it looks like this Heath family connects back to early colonial times.

To take a closer look at the family bible, the eBay item number is 160400492079.


DEdgecomb said...

If anyone knows where this Bible is now, I should like to know.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take a look at it. I wonder who got to purchase it. Too bad they did leave a message on one of the genology sites to let someone know about it