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Genealogy Resources For Baldwin County Alabama

The map shows the location of Baldwin County, which is at the extreme southern end of the state of Alabama bordering the Gulf of Mexico. The county also borders five other counties, Monroe County to the northeast, Escambia County, Alabama to the east (as well as Florida's own Escambia County), Mobile County to the west and Washington and Clarke counties to the northeast. Baldwin County was a part of the Mississippi territory up until 1817 when it was joined with the state of Alabama and was deemed a county from 1809.

The population of Baldwin County was relatively small according the US census data, with 2,300 living within its borders in 1830. By 1860, Baldwin had 7,500 residents and finally broke the 10,000 mark by 1900, when 13200 lived there. Since then Baldwin County has had steady growth up until recently when it exploded. By 1990 there were 98,000 people but just ten years later, the 2000 census reported that the county's population had more than doubled to 200,000. The 2010 census should be interesting to see if it has experienced similar growth since 2000.

Census Records For Baldwin County

As mentioned, Baldwin County was at one time a part of the Mississippi Territory and there were a number of residents way back in 1816. Residents of Baldwin County could also be found enumerated in neighboring Mobile County. Here are the names of those listed in the 1816 Baldwin County census and the 1816 Mobile County census.

The 1820 Census for Baldwin County shows about 1,500 people living in the County.

The 1830 census is broken down in two parts, first by families led by men in alphabetical order and then those families led by women, again alphabetically - 1830 Census for Baldwin County.

The 1840 Census for Baldwin County show the families again broken down into age brackets with only the head of household listed by name.

Finally, in the 1850 U.S. census, all residents in a home were named. Baldwin County's population was 4,414, which made up only 0.5 percent of Albama's total population of 771,000 people back in 1850. Here's a link to the 1850 Census for Baldwin County which lists 15 pages of census returns for that year showing 105 families in Baldwin County.

And the 1860 Census for Baldwin County broken down into 10 pages listing Baldwin County's 7,500 inhabitants just prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War. offers searchable census records for Baldwin County (and the entire United States) from 1790 to 1930 for a membership fee, although you can check the 1880 Alabama census at no charge at

Cemetery Records For Baldwin County

Individual Cemeteries:
Community Cemetery, Orange Beach
Montgomery Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Tensaw
Bankester Cemetery, Bromley
Blakeley Cemetery, Blakeley
Chastang Cemetery
Cook Memorial Presbystian Chapel Cemetery,

Crossroads Cemetery
Durant Chapel Cemetery
Magnolia Cemetery, Brady
Saluda Hill Cemetery
John H. White Cemetery

The USGenWeb Archives Project - Alabama has many, many more transcriptions, including photographs of cemeteries in Baldwin County

Another highly recommended site for cemetery transcriptions that includes gravestone photographs is Find A Grave as they have information on about one hundred different cemeteries in Baldwin County.

Ordering Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates for Baldwin County Online

You can order certificates of birth, marriage or death that occurred in Baldwin County (anywhere in the USA actually) through VitalChek.

A copy of the original birth, marriage and death certificates can help the family history researcher go further in tracing their family tree. Getting copies of the BMDs records help ensure the accuracy of your information.

What About Wills and Land Records For People From Baldwin County?

There is a searchable database for Baldwin County, Alabama Will Testators, broken down into three sections, from 1811-1884, 1881-1916 and 1913-1935, which gives the Name of Testator, Place of Residence and County number, Volume number, Page number. As well as there Deed and Records search page from the Baldwin County Judge of Probate office.

A good article about Land Records in Alabama is a good first step when doing research into Baldwin County Land Records.

Check for your ancestor's name at Land Patent Search which provides free online access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States and provide image access to more than three million Federal land title records for Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908. They are currently adding images of Military Land Warrants which were land patents were issued to individuals as a reward for their military service. Images related to survey plats and field notes, dating back to 1810, are added to the site state-by-state as each state's documents are completed.

Baldwin County Biographies

A dedicated Alabama family historian (Ann Anderson) took the time to transcribe hundreds of biographies from the books Memorial Record of Alabama published way back in 1893. You can find these Baldwin County Biographies, which shows a number of past Autauga County residents.

A second excellent webpage for Baldwin County Biographies is hosted at Baldwin County, AL Genealogy Trails.

Military Records for Baldwin County

Residents of Baldwin County fought in every conflict up to the present day and although more current military records are kept confidential, older records are available for search. of course has a fine collection of U.S. Compiled Revolutionary War Military Service Records, 1775-1783.

As far as the Civil War Military Records for Baldwin County there are a number of online sources you might want to take a look at:

Muster Roll, Company C, 15th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry, CSA

Some Confederate Soldiers In Baldwin County Alabama

This is really just scratching the surface of what is available to genealogists researching ancestors from Autauga County Alabama. If anything was missed that you feel should have been included, feel free to leave a comment so it can be brought to the attention of others who may be doing family in the same area.

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