Thursday, February 4, 2010

eBay Auction: Family Bible For Ely Family of Simsbury, Connecticut

The seller of this family bible appears to be a descendant of the family who owned the bible which was printed in 1861 in New York City by the American Bible Society.

The book itself looks a little worn, but it does have genealogy information that will be of interest to family historians of the Ely family in the area of Simsbury, Connecticut.

The bible has a newspaper article about the death of Benjamin Ely in 1852 that has been glued into the book. Looking on, there is a Benjamin Ely who died 26 AUG 1852, spouse of Polly Pettibone, born 19 Sept 1776, died 17 June 1850 (married 14 APR 1796). She is listed as the daughter of Dudley Pettibone and Mary Lattimore.

Benjamin was born 18 JUL 1767 at Lyme, New London, Connecticut and was the son of Ezra Cullick Ely and Anna Sterling. Ezra Cullick Ely (1728-1793) was listed as the son of Richard Ely and Elizabeth Peck, while Anna Sterling is listed as born 19 OCT 1739 Lyme, New London, Connecticut, the daughter of Daniel Sterling and Esther Colt.

There are also nine children of Benjamin Ely (1767-1852) and Polly Pettibone (1776-1850)
Ezra Stiles Ely (1797- )
Edwin Dwight Ely (1798-1831)
Mary Anne Ely (1800-1875)
Henry Ely (1802-1849)
Seth Ely (1805-1828)
Nathan Ely (1807- )
Rosetta Ely (1809-1831)
Nancy Ely (1812-1877)
Dudley Pettibone Ely (1817- )

A webpage over at Colonial Ancestor Profiles says that "Ezra Cullick Ely was the great grandson of Richard Ely ("The Emigrant") of Plymouth, England..." and gives info about the family's landholding.

This family bible is available up til February 9th, 2010. To take a closer look, the eBay item number is 260547511505.

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