Saturday, January 2, 2010

1878 Family Bible ~ Shultz with Related Coghill Family On eBay

Just recented listed on eBay, a family bible published in 1878 by A. J. Holman & Company of Philadelphia. The bible itself appears to be in fair condition, although the cover is detached and needs to be rebound.

From a genealogical perspective, this seems to be the family bible of the Shultz family of Wyandott, Kansas. The information shows the date of birth of Theodore Shultz as 1834, and Nancy Ann Shultz as 1855. Their marriage certificate was also found in the bible stating that Theodore Shultz and Mary Ann Coghill had been married April 24th, 1873 by Judge W.B. Bowman. There are dates of birth for their children.

Looking online, the Shultz family turns up on the 1880 census for Wyandotte, Kansas as follows:

Theodore SHULTZ, Married, age 46, born GERMANY, Grocer, with his parents both born in Germany
Nancy A. SHULTZ, Wife, age 25, born Iowa, father born Indiana, mother born in Kentucky
Henry A. SHULTZ, Son, single, age 6, born Kansas
Mary D. SHULTZ, Daughter, age 10 months, born Kansas
Mary A. COGHILL, Mother-in-Law, Married, age 62, born Kentucky, father born Kentucky, mother born Tennessee
Andrus RENNER, Nephew, Single, age 16, born Germany, Cigar Makers App., both parents born Germany

Lots of info to follow up on there. Theodore Shultz appears to have been an immigrant grocer from Germany. His nephew Andrus Renner was also born overseas and points to a possible sister of Theodore married someone named Renner. What I liked spotting was his mother-in-law was living with the family, Mary A. Coghill, born approximately 1818 in Kentucky, with her parents being born in Kentucky and Tennessee, information which will give someone tracing the Coghill family some clues for further research.

If you want to take a closer look at this family bible, the eBay Item Number is 150402124724.

As always, I have no connection to the seller of the bible or with anyone selling them on eBay.

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