Tuesday, January 12, 2010

British American Ambulance Corp ~ John Burnside Wilson Family Bible

Another interesting family bible is up for auction at eBay. A well worn copy of a bible from the early 1900s printed in London for the New York Bible Society. The bible has some damage from dampness and the pages are yellowed. There is a stamp on the inside cover stating it was printed by the British American Ambulance Corp.

The family history information shows the birth of a John Burnside Wilson born 1857 in Scotland with records of relatives in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York, with other surnames given as Cramer and Forsyth.

Taking a quick look online, there is a record of a John Burnside Wilson born 10 October, 1858 at Auchinleck, Ayr, Scotland to parents Andrew Wilson and Margaret Burnside.

There is a marriage of Margaret Burnside and Andrew Wilson 29 October 1844 at Abbey (Paisley), Renfrew, Scotland - the same area my own Bradshaw family was from, but I have no Burnsides or Wilsons.

More research would be needed to follow up to see if this family is the same as the fellow listed in the family bible, but if you would like a closer look, the eBay Item Number is 180455459134

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