Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kaga ~ Hershey Family Bible On eBay, BMDs From 1793-1916

This bible published in 1883 needs some repair as the front cover is disconnected. It was originally published by B.F. Johnson & Company of Richmond, Virginia and has the following family history information:

Births from 1793 - 1899
Marriages from 1897 - 1916
Deaths from 1875 - 1913

For Kaga and Hersey. Couldn't locate too much given the sparce information, possibly the Kaga (or Kagy, or even Cadjew) may have been from Ohio. They seem to have been connected to a Rudolph Cadjew, but more research would need to be done.

There was also considerable memorabilia tucked into the pages, including pressed flowers, a black funeral arm band (?), newspapers articles (one about a suspicious death), and a lock of baby hair tied with a faded pink ribbon. Very interesting stuff ~ sort of a mystery...

To take a closer look, the eBay Item Number is 190363737623

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