Saturday, January 9, 2010

1880s Family Bibles of Peabody & Ball Families of Queensbury, Luzerne, New York

Another group of antique family bibles are available on eBay. Published by the A.J. Holman co. of Philadelphia in 1883, the seller says there are several bibles and he wishes he could post more than the 12 pictures allowed. Most seem to be in fair condition, but there are some loose pages and a spine missing here and there. The genealogical information is for the Peabody and Ball families of Queensbury, Luzerne, New York.

There is a note of the marriage of Richard Ball of Queensbury, NY and Mrs. Eigearia Hartman, August 7, 1871 "at the bride's mother's home" witnessed by Sanford Hartman and Miss Ella Murry and signed by the Justice of the Peace for Warren County, NY, David Varney.

The dates written in the bible begin in 1851 and go to the 1900s, beginning with the Ball family, Joel, Nora, Wilbur and Adeline. And then Nora Ball Peabody, with Susan Hartman died July 1897, Joel Hartman died 1862. Sanford Hartman born April 1, 1851 and a Joel Hartman born June 11, 1818. The seller mentions Peabody and Ball births and deaths noted from the early 1800s. There is also a PHOTO ALBUM, with all the pictures identified with the names as shown in the bibles!Truly a major find for someone tracing these families. There are about 30 cabinet photos and 16 CDV pictures, with surnames such as Howe, Selleck, "Grama Ball", James Lord, Bristol, Danzt, Dance, White, also "Uncle Sanford's family photos.

The seller asks that if there are questions, to contact him.

The eBay Item Number is 180454433679.

A quick look online shows the following on the 1880 Census for Queensbury, Warren, New York:
Richard Ball, married, age 29, born NY, with both parents born NY, occupation farmer
Eugenia Ball, married, age 27, born NY, with both parents born NY, occupation keeping house
Joel Ball, single, age 6, born NY, parents same
Elnora Ball, single, age 2, born NY, parents same

There's also a George Ball age 31 and family living 2 farms down the road, with his neighbor another George Ball, age 61, a widower, born NY, parents same. Living with him is his son, Philip Ball and Philip's wife Nellie and 3 grandchildren of George.

The IGI shows a Richard Ball born 1851 Hartman Hill, Luzerne, Warren, New York, died 1882. Parents shown as George F. Ball and wife Eliza. And a Philip Ball, parents the same, born 1848 at Hartman Hill. George F. Ball (1818-1893) married Eliza Ball 1837 at Hartman Hill. His father shown as Malboro Payne Ball. Malboro Payne Ball (1779-1850) married Rachel Varley 27 May 1800  Luzerne, Warren, New York.

Malboro Payne Ball born 1779, parents Edward Ball, Fear Young. - odd first name "Fear". Fear Young born c1744, England, married Edward Ball c1774 Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa.

All this with just a quick look online... obviously much more research would need to be done to connect the dots.